AGP Executive

AGP Winter 2023 Executives Group Photo In Front of an Ivy Wall

Association of Graduate Planners (AGP) Executive Winter 2023

Back row (left to right):
Alex Kelly (Treasurer), Hazem Ahmed (OPPI/CIP Rep), Sawyer Jonker (Member at Large), Natalie Majda (President), Karsten Brix (Social Equity Officer), Kieran James (Vice-President), Emma Borho (Speaker Series Coordinator), Mario Neto (International Student Rep), Michael Ricci (Secretary)

Front Row (left to right): Kieryn Matthews (Member at Large), Adam Skoyles (Ph.D. Rep), Rukma Ramdenee (OPPI/CIP Rep), Crystal Zhang (Social Equity Officer), Jane Kelsey (Social Promotions Officer), Rachita Gupta (Speaker Series Coordinator), Amanda Morielli (Member at Large) 

Contacts (Winter 2023)

*New* The term for the AGP Executive is now an academic year (fall, winter spring). This executive will be in place from January 2023 - April 2024!