Student Urgent Need (SUN) Bursary

Value: TBD
Application: Please contact Renison's Registrar's Office, English Language Institute, Student Experience and Housing or the Chaplain.

The Student Urgent Need (SUN) Bursary gives temporary financial support in times of urgent financial need to Renison-registered students or students living full-time in Renison residences.  This bursary is normally meant to provide one-time, temporary help. Individual bursary amounts will match student’s reported need but will not exceed $1000 per bursary. The amount will be decided by adjudicators. Eligible expenses include one-time urgent expenditures that were unforeseen or could not have been
anticipated by the student. The adjudicators will determine if the expense meets this criterion. The fund is not open to students taking minors or individual courses at Renison who are not Renison-registered, or students taking short-term courses.

Students who wish to access the SUN bursary can do so by reaching out to the Renison Registrar's Office, the English Language Institute, Student Experience and Housing, Renison Chaplain.