Concept Science 

The Concept Science program is designed for student-teams and faculty-led teams who have a product idea with an element of biology, chemistry, or physics. Concept Science can help teams validate the opportunities envisioned for their technology, from a business and technical perspective. This is achieved through goal-setting exercises, mentorship from advisors with science startup experience and beginning and end-of-term touch points.

Offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Science, the Concept Science program is available to University of Waterloo undergraduate students, graduate students, or faculty founded teams.

More information about the program and how to apply can be found on the Concept website.


 St Paul's Greenhouse GreenHouse is a live-in innovation community specifically designed to support students in the unique challenges and opportunities in pursuing social entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of professional mentors, students in second year or above from various faculties conceive and implement initiatives that create environmental or social justice change. Based out of St. Paul’s University College, students receive specialized learning opportunities, gain valuable skills, build relevant networks, and put their academic knowledge into practice.

The Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre

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The Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business is the academic engine for entrepreneurship at Waterloo, offering business and entrepreneurship education for undergraduate students in all faculties. Conrad offers the Minor in Entrepreneurship, an eight-course minor that combines Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (BET) courses with an entrepreneurial experience component, focused on either venture creation or corporate entrepreneurship. 

Conrad also offers Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op), in which students earn a co-op credit while building their own business, as well as ten BET courses covering topics such as Venture Creation, Commercialization Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurial Behaviour.

More than a hundred Science undergraduates have benefited from Conrad courses since 2012.

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