27 November 2013 Policy Post

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Alice Raynard, assistant university secretary, Secretariat & Office of General Counsel

Subject: Housekeeping Changes to Two Class S Policies (6 and 39) / Policy Project

Date: 27 November 2013

The Secretariat has initiated a project to review and renew all university policies over a multi-year time period. Look for further correspondence from us as this project unfolds.


  1. Housekeeping changes to two class-S policies (6 and 39)
  2. New Policy 7 – Gift Acceptance Policy

1) Housekeeping changes to two class-S policies (6 and 39)

Changes to these policies include, among other things: 

  • A harmonized definition of vacation credit (Policy 6, section 4.C Vacation Entitlement and Accrual, and Policy 39, section 2 D. Vacation);
  • A new header, which will be part of all new and amended policies.

The updates to the two staff-related policies were brought forward by Staff Relations Committee (SRC) earlier this fall and were approved by the president on 28 October.

Policy 6

Policy 39

2) New Policy 7 – Gift Acceptance Policy

Among other things, the new policy:

  • Provides a clearer framework regarding the acceptance of gifts by the University of Waterloo;
  • Sets the principles and the legal framework that will guide gift acceptance;
  • Defines authority levels to solicit, negotiate, receive and accept gifts;
  • Cancels former Policy 7 – Approaches for Donations and Gifts-in-Kind;
  • Is based on a new policy template.

The new policy was considered and endorsed by senior development leaders in Advancement, Faculty Relations Committee, Undergraduate Student Relations Committee, Executive Council, Graduate Student Relations Committee, Staff Relations Committee, Senate and Board of Governors. The policy received the approval of the President on 21 November.

Policy 7