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Bringing the GreenHouse experience to my field placement

Seyni and Lexi at a St. Paul's eventPrior to leaving for Mzuzu, Malawi to work as a business management and entrepreneurship officer for the Ungweru Organization, I spent a term at St. Paul’s GreenHouse.

It takes a team

The FullSoul teamBringing babies safely into the world requires a collaborative effort. An organization that improves maternal health also works better with the help of a team.

The art of cold-calling

For young social entrepreneurs, cold-calling is often a dreaded part of their venture.

Many of us are really good students who know how to research and develop our product, but we get intimidated about calling prospects,” says Tina Chan, St. Paul’s GreenHouse Fellow alumna. “We’re students with ideas that weren’t validated yet.”

Summer vibes at GreenHouse

Renata BurnsThe sun is shining, the convertible tops are down and the geese and their goslings are touring the campus. That’s right, it's spring term here at UWaterloo!

You don’t need a 'Big Idea' yet – just build off your interests

Alex WongAt our Social Impact Showcase, St. Paul’s GreenHouse purposefully focused on showing that GreenHouse really can be for anyone, no matter what part of your journey you’re at – from nothing but ambitions, to seeded ideas, to ventures running at full speed. 

We all entered at different stages and many are now leaving (cue tears) at different stages.

Alex's Blog: The Fear and Power of DO

Alex WongI entered GreenHouse with the intention of doing something - anything. I read and I think and I talk a lot - but never before have I taken real action.

Alex's Blog: Moving back to campus!

Alex WongI first lived on campus in Mackenzie King Village in 2011. Four years later, I moved back onto campus this past January, to live in GreenHouse.