Our immigration consultants can help you through the process of applying and renewing documents as well as understanding the international student regulations of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Learn about our information sessions and appointment hours

First you need a valid passport

A passport is issued by your country of citizenship. Your Canadian immigration documents will not be issued beyond the expiry date of your passport. Once in Canada, we recommend renewing your passport at least six months before it expires. If you need to apply for a new passport while in Canada, you can do so through an embassy, diplomatic mission or consulate of your country.

Find out what you need to enter Canada

Before you board a plane to Canada, you either need a temporary resident visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) unless you are a citizen of the United States. Determine which authorization you need by taking a short Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada questionnaire. You will also need a valid post-secondary study permit to study at Waterloo if your program of study in Canada is more than six months.

Apply for documents

Follow the regulations

It is important to hold the correct documentation and follow immigration regulations in order to be legally studying and working in Canada. We have information for undergraduate students to help you understand the immigration rules most relevant to you as you pursue your degree at Waterloo. We also provide information for Masters and PhD students to learn how the University of Waterloo's academic terms and processes at the graduate level relate to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's (IRCC) policy.

Lost, stolen or damaged Canadian documents 

If one of your Canadian immigration documents has been lost, stolen or damaged, you can apply for a replacement copy. Most documents issued by Canadian immigration authorities can be replaced except for a temporary resident visa (TRV). You will have to apply for a new TRV once you have a valid passport and study permit.

Fixing an error or changing a condition on your document

If you think there is information on your study or work permit that should be changed, speak to an immigration consultant to determine whether you need to apply for an amendment due to an error, or apply to change conditions to overcome a restriction.