Current undergraduate students

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, St. Paul’s University College officially changed its name and presented its new logo to the public as United College, transforming to a more inclusive image while still paying tribute to its original founder.

This year at the Stanley Knowles lecture, to honour his kindness and hard work, the Bob Rosehart fellowship was awarded to Riley Purdie who has displayed strong academics and positive social contributions to her community.

This year at the Stanley Knowles Lecture, the award was given to two students Maya Henderson and Jordyn Maywood who have done an incredible job of fostering a sense of community for their peers at United College.

This year at the Stanley Knowles Lecture, the Cronk-Mastin Scholarship was awarded to Elizabeth Beach who has stood out within the United College community for her compassion and dedication to higher learning.

The inaugural pilot year of the Indigenous Entrepreneurship training programs facilitated through St. Paul’s GreenHouse has come to a very successful end. The program was built on a model of Indigenized business education and experiential learning. Students who entered the program received training and support from a network of Indigenous entrepreneurs, elders and community organizations who helped them with launching their own projects and ventures.

St. Paul’s GreenHouse is thrilled to announce that Katie Heggtveit, Manager: Workplace Innovation, has been awarded the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship. This medal is given to civilians who have made a lasting and impactful mark on their community and is the second-highest award that can be given to civilians in Ontario.