Transfer to Applied Health Sciences

If you are currently an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo and wish to apply to any program with the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, you will be applying for an internal transfer.

Programs offered

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences offers four different entry programs:  Health Studies, Public HealthKinesiology and Recreation and Leisure Studies. Each has its own admissions requirements.

Students interested in a specific Recreation and Leisure Studies major may apply to one of the following: Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation and Sport Business, Tourism Development.

Admission requirements and considerations

To be considered for transfer into a program in Applied Health Sciences, you must have completed a minimum of TWO major courses (i.e., for Kinesiology, two "KIN" courses; for Health Studies or Public Health, two "HLTH" courses; for Recreation and Leisure Studies, two "REC" courses), as well as at least 5 of the courses required for that degree.

You must meet the high school admission requirements for your program of choice; however, admission decisions will also be based on strength of past university performance. For specific averages and course requirements, please contact Applied Health Sciences' Student Success Officer. For Health Studies and Public Health, please refer to the SPHHS internal transfer page.

As part of the transfer process, you'll be asked to complete a Faculty transfer form. For AHS students wanting to transfer to another AHS program, you'll be asked to complete a Plan Modification form.


Questions about degree programs in Applied Health Sciences? Wondering if this is the right degree for you? Make an appointment with the Student Success Officer to discuss admissibility, the transfer process, and future course plans. For Health Studies and Public Health, please refer to the SPHHS internal transfer page.