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Research application process for Applied Health Sciences

Applied Health Sciences,  September 2016

Find funding

On their site, the University of Waterloo's Office of Research provides extensive information about finding funding.  In addition, you can also visit uWaterloo PIVOT and use a keyword search for funding opportunities.

In addition, you should be receiving a monthly e-mail about non-profit health research funding opportunities through the Office of Research. If you are not receiving these e-mails, contact the associate dean of research. Also review key specific health-related funding opportunities below:

Assemble application / Apply for funding

Once you have established a funding opportunity to pursue, submit your application to the Office of Research prior to sending it to the sponsor. The Office of Research will review eligibility and compliance with sponsor and institutional policies, procedures and certifications.  

Contact the Office of Research well in advance of the sponsor’s deadline as competing deadlines may inhibit the review process and endanger your application. The Office of Research offers information for completing applications on their Apply for Funding web page.

Prepare an internal Office of Research cover sheet

It is important to complete the Office of Research cover sheet at the application stage.

The cover sheet helps the Office of Research to:

  • catalogue your application
  • ensure that all the varied guidelines are met
  • build statistics around research funding

Do you have specific questions? Read the section below and contact Catherine Maine in the AHS dean’s office for more information. 

Below are frequently asked questions about cover sheets followed by instructions on cover sheet procedures.  

Why do I need to complete a cover sheet?

Cover sheets are ALWAYS needed to start a research account at the Office of Research. Typically cover sheets are used for all grants and contracts. They are also used to start an account and release funds for awards.

Why is it important to submit the University of Waterloo cover sheet at the application stage?

The cover sheet is an important tool for the university to track the success rate of applications to funding agencies. Without a cover sheet for each and every application, the university (and the Faculty) loses the mechanism by which to track accurate research statistics.

Key links University of Waterloo Office of Research site

Key contacts for individual funding agencies in Office of Research

List of all contacts in alphabetical order in the Office of Research

How to apply for funding

Guidelines for research involving animals

Guidelines for research involving humans

Get an account, transfer funds, manage certifications and agreements

Manage funding

Key links University of Waterloo Secretariat and Legal Counsel site

Procedure 1A: Contracts, Agreements and Licences – Research

Procedure 10: Applications and Proposals – Research

Office of Research cover sheet

Office of Research cover sheet