Career opportunities in Mathematical Physics

Our program in Mathematical Physics is challenging, requiring both high mathematical ability and strong physical intuition. The program is also rewarding, however, in that it provides students with insight into the laws of nature along with the skill to analyze, model and solve complex real world problems - a skill which is highly valued in academia as well as in industry. In industry, graduates in mathematical physics are sought after in a variety of fields, currently for example, in the energy sector, in the semi-conductor industry, in the field of telecommunications and in medical technology.

Our undergraduate program in Mathematical Physics has also been designed to provide optimal preparation for graduate studies. In industry a graduate degree opens up access to the most exciting positions at the very cutting edge of technology. In addition, mathematical physicists with a graduate degree possess a strong reputation for general versatility and problem solving skills that makes them highly sought after for high level positions even in fields such as finance, software or management consulting. And, a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics of course opens the door to a career in academia. Here, mathematical physicists today work in such exciting fields as cosmology, quantum computing, quantum optics and nanotechnology.