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Digital presentations deliver a wide range of content, unified by a core message.

Institutional PowerPoint deck

The new institutional deck reflects Waterloo’s refined look and feel, along with updated facts and messaging throughout. Reflecting all of Waterloo’s core strengths and differentiators, the institutional deck can be used in full or customized to your audience and needs.

Request the institutional deck

screen shot of the presentation opening slide

Sample entrepreneurship slide

sample facts and figures slide


Sample slides from the institutional deck

Presentation templates

Use these templates as a starting point for your presentations. Templates are available in PowerPoint and Keynote in 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratios.

Note: Keynote template files are available as .ZIP files due to technical limitations of this website. You can unzip them once downloaded.

UWaterloo presentation template cover slide

UWaterloo presentation template content slide

UWaterloo presentation template divider side


Sample slides from the template

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