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People and titles

How to include job titles

  • In a first reference, give an individual’s full appropriate title. In the second and subsequent references, use his or her surname only.
  • Use professor, not "assistant professor," "associate professor," or "research professor" as personal titles.
  • Try to avoid long job-title pileups in front of people’s names. Avoid placing titles of more than two words before the name.
  • Use Dr. only for licensed health-care professionals who are members of the following colleges or their equivalents in other jurisdictions:
    • the College of Chiropractors of Ontario

    • the College of Optometrists of Ontario

    • the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

    • the College of Psychologists of Ontario

    • the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

    • the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario, provided the member holds a certificate of registration that entitles him or her to use the title “doctor” (not all do)

    • A member of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario may be called a “naturopathic doctor” (ND) but not “doctor” alone.


  • Capitalize formal titles (almost an integral part of a person’s identity and could be used with the surname alone) when they directly precede the name.
  • Do not capitalize occupations, professions, or job names.
  • Capitalize only current title holders.


  • Chancellor Prem Watsa
  • President Emeritus David Johnston
  • David Johnston, former president of the University of Waterloo
  • former president James Downey
  • Dean André Roy
  • Douglas Peers, dean of arts
  • Vice-President Geoff McBoyle
  • Geoff McBoyle, vice-president academic and provost
  • Kevin Lynch, chair of the Board of Governors
  • Wayne Loucks, associate dean (undergraduate studies) in engineering
  • IQC’s executive director, Ray Laflamme
  • Mark Haslett, university librarian

See Organization charts for current titles of Waterloo staff.

Notable Waterloo people

  • B.C. Matthews, Waterloo’s president 1970-81
  • Carl A. Pollock, a Waterloo founder
  • Dana Porter, a Canadian politician and jurist
  • Douglas Wright, Waterloo’s president 1981-93
  • Hildegard Marsden, Waterloo’s dean of women 1967-85
  • Ira G. Needles, a Waterloo founder and chancellor 1966-75
  • J.G. Hagey, Waterloo’s founding president 1958-69
  • J.R. Coutts, a Waterloo alumnus and donor
  • Lyle S. Hallman, a Waterloo Region philanthropist
  • Minota Hagey, first wife of J.G. Hagey
  • William M. Tatham, alumnus and donor

See Buildings for the full names of buildings named after these people.

View Waterloo's organizational charts for a current list of senior leadership and their titles.