Keisuke Teeple

Assistant Professor
Keisuke Teeple

519-888-4567 x41359

Office: HH 125

CV: Keisuke Teeple 

BA(Economics, University of California, Berkeley);

BA (Applied Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley);

MA (Economics, University of California, Davis);

PhD (Economics, University of California, Davis).

Areas of specialization:

My research interests include general equilibrium and behavioral finance. Some of my recent papers draw theoretical connections between unawareness and default, memory and excess volatility, and transaction costs and time inconsistency of firms.


I have been an assistant professor of economics at the University of Waterloo since 2022. I first discovered economics as an undergraduate math major in 2007. An academic advisor at the time told me economics students can do ABC: accounting, banking, or consulting (not true by the way). So, I went on to work as a supply chain consultant for almost five years. In 2016, I made my way back into academia and began my PhD. I ended up enjoying it for three reasons: I could continually better myself, I could help others by teaching, and I could leave my mark via research. 

Selected Publications:

"Level-k Predatory Trading," (2023) Journal of Mathematical Economics, 106: 1-14.Teeple, Keisuke.