Matthew Doyle

Associate Professor

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Office: HH 132
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CV: Matthew Doyle

BA; MA (McMaster); PhD (University of British Columbia)

Areas of specialization: Macroeconomics; Monetary theory and policy; Fisheries economics

Research interests

I am interested in various aspects of economics from monetary policy and inflation, to labour markets, and the economics of crime. I have also done some work on fisheries economics.


I did my BA and MA in economics at McMaster University. After completing my Master’s degree in 1996, I moved to Vancouver and began my PhD at the University of British Columbia. My research there examined the impact of learning on optimal monetary policy. I received my PhD in 2002 and accepted a job at Iowa State University. In 2007 moved back to Canada and accepted my current position as a faculty member in economics at the University of Waterloo. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on macroeconomics and monetary economics. 

Selected publications

  • Wage Posting Without Full Commitment, Review of Economic Dynamics, 2013,16, 231-252 (with Jacob Wong).
  • Informational Externalities, Strategic Delay, and Optimal Investment Subsidies, Canadian Journal of Economics, 2010, 43, 941-966.
  • Do Asymmetric Central Bank Preferences Help Explain Observed Inflation Outcomes? Journal of Macroeconomics, 2010, 32, 527-540 (with Barry Falk).
  • Testing Commitment Models of Monetary Policy: Evidence from Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Countries, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 2008, 40, 409-425 (with Barry Falk).
  • Fisheries Management with Stock Uncertainty and Costly Capital Adjustment: An Application to Pacific Halibut, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2006, 52, 582-599 (with Rajesh Singh and Quinn Weninger).
  • Fisheries Management with Stock Uncertainty and Costly Capital Adjustment, in Frontiers in the Economics of the Fishery: Papers in Honour of Professor Gordon Munro, eds. R. Arnason, T. Bjorndal, and D. Gordon, Blackwell: Oxford, 2006 (with Rajesh Singh and Quinn Weninger).
  • What Happened to the Phillips Curve in the 1990s in Canada? Proceedings, of the Bank of Canada Conference: Price Stability and the Long-Run Target for Monetary Policy, Bank of Canada: Ottawa, 2000, 51-82 (with Paul Beaudry).