The Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee

The Academic Freedom & Tenure (AF&T) Committee assists faculty members experiencing difficulties involving the application of University policy or the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), or other concerns that impact their conditions of employment, such as those relating to tenure, promotion and performance reviews.

The Committee comprises tenured faculty members from across the university who are trained in key elements of university policy and the MoA. Where issues beyond their expertise or experience arise, they have access to the resources of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).

The committee works on up to 90 cases a year, and also plays an advisory role in the development and revision of relevant university policies.

For more information, contact committee chair Lori Curtis, or read more about what confidential support from the committee entails.

If you have a concern with a policy itself, rather than a specific case regarding the implementation of policy, please contact a member of the Board of Directors, or the Status of Women & Equity Committee.