Proposal to change FAUW dues structure passes

Monday, October 22, 2018

Last week, Faculty Association members voted to change how we calculate dues. Currently, each faculty member represented by FAUW pays 0.525% of the average base salary for faculty members at their rank. Starting in the new year, each faculty member will pay 0.525% of their own base salary, which makes for a more equitable distribution of dues and brings FAUW in line with other faculty associations. We expect Human Resources to implement this change in January 2019.

Voters also ratified an amendment to section 13.5.11 of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), regarding merit histograms. The University Board of Governors also needs to approve the change before it takes effect.

Of the 1,332 faculty members FAUW represents (all of whom pay dues), 924 (69%) have joined the association and are eligible to vote. Of those members, 41% voted in the dues referendum and 38% on the MoA amendment. Just over 86% of voters supported the dues change and 94% approved the MoA amendment.

Next, members will vote on a FAUW president in November. Faculty have until November 12 at noon to join in order to access the online ballot, which will be open November 19–30. November 9 is also the deadline to submit a nomination.