Effective June 2019.

The Equity Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (FAUW) and reports to the FAUW Board of Directors.

Members shall meet as a committee once a month from September through June. The committee may appoint working groups that have specific directives. All working groups shall report and be responsible to the members of the committee.


The committee is concerned with equity issues including those covered by the protected grounds of the Ontario’s Human Rights Code. The committee engages in educational and advocacy activities as appropriate and liaises with other related committees of the University, OCUFA, and CAUT.

Committee structure

  • There shall be 13–15 voting members of the committee, including the chair, chair-elect, past-chair, and representatives of the Librarians’ and Archivists’ Association of the University of Waterloo (LAAUW) and Renison Association of Academic Staff (RAAS).
  • The LAAUW shall select one of their members to serve as a voting member.
  • The RAAS Equity Committee chair or their delegate shall serve as a voting member.
  • In the event that the past-chair is not able to serve, the committee may appoint another member to serve in this position.
  • A FAUW staff member shall serve as the secretary in a non‐voting capacity.

Member recruitment and selection

  • A call for members shall be posted for one month every spring. The deadline for submissions shall be at least seven days prior to voting on new members.
  • Voting on new members shall occur at or before the June meeting, and may involve proxy voting for those members unable to attend.
  • Each committee member is invited to serve for a renewable two-year term, up to three consecutive terms. Committee members should declare their interest in renewal by the April meeting of the second year of their term.
  • Members appointed on an interim basis will be offered a full-term membership at the next vacancy. The official first term of a member appointed mid-term begins the following July 1.
  • Vacancies shall be advertised widely with the aim of establishing a diverse committee that includes representatives from different parts of the campus and from many equity-seeking groups of the Waterloo campus.


  • In the event that a member leaves the committee prior to the end of their term, the committee shall appoint a mid-term replacement or leave the vacancy until the next call for members.

Election of the chair

  • The chair shall be elected by the current committee members and shall typically serve a one-year term as chair-elect, a two-year term as chair, and a one-year term as past chair.
  • The chair may be re-elected for one consecutive two-year term.
  • Elections for chair shall normally be held by secret ballot, in the spring term of the year prior to the end of the existing chair’s term.
  • Submissions for the position of chair will normally close on March 31.
  • Candidate statements will be distributed to the committee electronically.
  • Voting will take place at least seven days after statements are distributed and the chair-elect will be announced by the last meeting of the spring term.
  • The transition to chair, chair-elect, and past chair shall occur July 1.
  • In the event that there is only one candidate, this candidate shall be ratified by a vote.
  • If no candidate comes forward, the committee may elect to re-open nominations, or to appoint a chair-elect at a future date.

Quorum and Voting

  • Quorum for meetings is fifty percent of members.
  • A majority vote is required for a motion to pass.
  • For votes taking place over email or online, at least fifty percent of members must respond for the vote to be valid.

Duties of the Officers

  • Chair: The chair shall chair the meetings and represent the committee at FAUW, the University and in the broader community. The chair shall be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs of the committee and its working groups. If not an elected director, the chair shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the FAUW Board.
  • Chair-elect: The chair-elect shall assist the chair and fulfill the duties of the chair during their absence.
  • Past Chair: The past-chair shall fulfill the duties of the chair or chair-elect in their absence and serve to provide institutional knowledge.


  • Each spring, the committee shall propose a draft budget for approval by the FAUW Board.


  • Amending this document requires a two-thirds majority vote of the committee. Proposed changes are then submitted for review and approval by the FAUW Board.
  • Notice of resolutions to amend this document shall be sent to the members of the committee at least seven calendar days prior to the vote.