Young Alumni Award 2021 - Marc Lafleur

Supporting healthier communities

Marc LefleurMarc Lafleur (BSc ‘14) is an Innovative entrepreneur who has applied his business acumen and education toward developing a startup that has the potential to improve public nutrition. He is the CEO and co-founder of truLOCAL – an online marketplace that connects consumers to local suppliers that provide clean, locally sourced meat products. Marc is a graduate of the Faculty of Health and completed his Bachelor of Science in Health Studies in 2014.

Apart from truLOCAL’s ongoing contribution to supporting healthier communities, truLOCAL has also provided e-commerce solutions to farmers and producers who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to sell their products online. Furthermore, Marc has consistently been involved in community initiatives, including giving back to frontline workers, donating to the local food bank and, most recently, starting a $20,000 grant for Black and POC entrepreneurs.

Marc has also volunteered his time to record a podcast about resilience and finding your own path after graduation. His perseverance and dedication are two consistent attributes that contribute to his success today.

Marc is admired by his colleagues, friends and family for his constant hustle and dedication toward creating initiatives that give back and support his community. In recognition of his impact, Marc Lafleur is the recipient of the 2021 Faculty of Health Young Alumni Award.