Graduation statistics - Kinesiology 1999

In 1999, 121 students graduated from Kinesiology. In a recent survey, we found out what they were doing 8 months after graduation.

 45% Employed, 2% Looking, 49% Post-graduate education, 4% Travelling


Every year Waterloo Kinesiology graduates step directly into jobs related to their Bachelor of Science degree. Below are some of the positions held by 1999 graduates.

  • Disability Adjudicator, Manulife, Toronto
  • Clinic Director, C.M.P. Health Management Inc.
  • Kinesiologist, Moore Muscle Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, Guelph
  • Kinesiologist, Fitness Institute, Toronto
  • Pedorthic Assistant, BioPed, Hamilton
  • Clinical Support Specialist, Diagnostic Division, XLTek, Oakville
  • Kinesiologist/Project Co-ordinator, Kinetex, Waterloo
  • Rehabilitation & Ergonomics Co-ordinator, ErgoRisk, British Columbia
  • Ergonomist, Honda Manufacturing of Canada, Alliston
  • Kinesiologist, Austin Rehabilitation & Treatment Clinic (North Peel)
  • FAE Testing, Horizon Health Care
  • Ergonomics Consultant, Ergo Works Inc.
  • Kinesiologist, Partners Physiotherapy Service, Hanover
  • Research Assistant, Gait and Posture Lab, UW
  • Head Trainer, Beyond Fitness, Stoney Creek
  • Kinesiologist, Simcoe Rehab & Treatment Clinic
  • Cardiac Technologist, Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga
  • Research Assistant for Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Ergonomics Consultant, The Human Factor Inc., London
  • Kinesiologist, Riverfront Medical Evaluation, Toronto
  • Ergonomist, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Canada
  • Kinesiologist, Partners Physiotherapy Service, Hanover
  • Head Kinesiologist, Total Care Management, Kitchener
  • Kinesiologist, St. Joe's Hospital, Out-Patients
  • Assistant Manager, Fitness Depot, Calgary
  • Kinesiologist, Spinal Worx, Kitchener

Post-graduate education

Every year many Kinesiology graduates choose to continue their academic studies. In 1999, 49% of Kinesiology graduates decided to further their education.

Graduate Studies (17)

Kinesiology, University of Waterloo (3)

Ergonomics, University of California/Berkely

Industrial Engineering, University of Central Florida

Ergonomics, Loughborough, UK

Sports Medicine, University of Western Ontario

Kinesiology, University of Western Ontario

Cardiac Rehabilitation, McMaster University

Industrial Relations, Queen's University

Systems Design, University of Waterloo

Physiology, University of Western Ontario

Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto

Biomechanics, University of Calgary

Education (5)

University of Wollongong, AU

University of Toronto

Ottawa University

University of Calgary

Lakehead University

Brock University

University of Western Ontario

D'Youville College, Buffalo

Chiropractic (3)

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (2)

National Chiropractic College

Physical Therapy (6)

University of Toronto

McMaster University

Occupational Therapy (7)

McMaster University

Medicine (4)

University of Western Ontario

Queen's University

Dalhousie University

McMaster University


Canadian Naturopathic College

Orthotics & Prosthetics, Goerge Brown College

ECG Technology

Sports Injury Management

Computer Animation, Bell Centennial College

Masters of Business Administration

Health Services Management, McMaster University