Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering

Emerging Energy Research

The group conducts analytical, computational, and experimental research on a wide range of problems involving thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and fluid flow that are of fundamental and practical importance.

Current research topics include:

Professor X Li is the Editor of the International Journal of Green Energy and his research focuses on design of Fuel Cells. Professors M. R. Collins and R. Fraser are actively involved in research activities in Solar Thermal Engineering, and Green Energy Sources, respectively. Visit the Waterloo Institute of Sustainable Energy for additional Information.

Group professors

Collins, M.R.


  • Energy and Energy Storage
  • Fenestration
  • Spectroscopy
  • Green Buildings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar Thermal Research
  • Hybrid Solar Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Smart Buildings
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Conservation in Buildings
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Windows and Shading
  • Surface Optics Measurements

Daun, K.J.


  • Radiation heat transfer
  • Combustion diagnostics and nanoparticle metrology
  • Inverse analysis and optimal design
  • Gas/surface scattering
  • Molecular gas dynamics

Fraser, R.A.


  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • In-cylinder Combustion Diagnostics
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Exergy Analysis of Energy Conversion Systems
  • Exergy Analysis of Ecosystems
  • Window Thermal Performance Modelling

Li, X.


  • Mechanism of liquid atomization and spray formation
  • Modelling of probability distribution of droplet sizes and velocities for practical sprays (such as in diesel and aircraft engines)
  • Experimental characterization of spray formation processes and spray droplet sizes and velocities by high-speed imaging systems and phase-Doppler interferometry
  • Modelling of transport phenomena in fuel cells
  • Performance modelling and optimization of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
  • Temperature Modelling of Hot Rolling Stocks

Mather, D.


  • Energy and environmental performance of buildings in cold climates
  • Large-scale decarbonization of existing buildings
  • Integrating sustainability considerations into engineering education
  • Sustainability management theory

Milne, A.


  • Surface Engineering and Surface Thermofluids
  • Contact Angle, Wettability, and Adhesion
  • Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Schneider, G.E.


  • Control-Volume-Based Finite Element Methods
  • All-Speed Flow Prediction Methods
  • Phase-Change Energy Transport. Equation Solving for Physical Problems
  • Machine Vision

Teertstra, P.


  • Conduction and Convection Modeling for Microelectronics
  • Optoelectronics Cooling
  • Experimental Measurement of Heat Transfer in Micro-and Nano-scale Applications
  • Predicting and Modelling Air Cooling Limits for electronics applications

Wen, J.Z.


  • Biofuel combustion
  • Combustion generated particulates
  • CO2 capture and storage
  • Flame synthesis of nanostructures
  • Characterization and functionalization of nanomaterial
  • Application of carbon nanomaterial in energy systems

Wu, X.


  • Energy storage
  • System analysis
  • Techno-economic assessment
  • Sustainability
  • Reacting flow
  • Oxygen transport membrane reactor
  • Thermochemical redox kinetics
  • Fuel cell
  • Hydrogen production
  • CO2 capture and utilization
  • Renewable fuels

Adjunct professor​s

Raithby, G.D. 
Yovanovich, M.M.

Retired pro​fessors

Hollands, K.G.T

Renksizbulut, M.

Wright, J.