Thermal Engineering

MHTL WATLIT Greener Emerging Energy Research Tsinghua Joint Lab

The group conducts analytical, computational, and experimental research on a wide range of problems involving thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and fluid flow that are of fundamental and practical importance.

Current research topics include:

Professor X Li is the Editor of the International Journal of Green Energy and his research focuses on design of Fuel Cells. Professors M. R. Collins and R. Fraser are actively involved in research activities in Solar Thermal Engineering, and Green Energy Sources, respectively. Visit the Waterloo Institute of Sustainable Energy for additional Information.

Group professors

Adjunct professor​s

Raithby, G.D. 
Yovanovich, M.M.

Retired pro​fessors

Hollands, K.G.T

Renksizbulut, M.

Wright, J.