Assign a cohost, presenter or alternate host

Assign a Cohost or alternate Host

Only Cohosts and Hosts have the ability to assign Cohost or Host privileges to an attendee.

  • During a Webex meeting, mouse over the name of the attendee that one wants to assign a role to inside of the participants panel.
  • Right click the name of the attendee in the participants panel.
  • Click Assign as Cohost or Assign as Host to give the attendee Cohost or Host privileges respectively.

Assign a presenter

In a Webex meeting, any attendee can make themselves presenter or assign anyone presenter status.

  • During a Webex meeting, mouse over the profile picture of the attendee that one wants to assign presenter to inside of the participants panel.
  • A popup will appear saying "Make this person the presenter" or "Make me the presenter" depending on whether you are hovering over your own picture or another attendee's picture. Click the profile picture.
  • The attendee will have a small presenter symbol in the corner of their profile picture in the participants panel
    • Presenters cannot be sent to the lobby, and there can only be one presenter active at a given time. If it is necessary to send a presenter to the lobby, simply re-assign the presenter status to any attendee who is not going to go to the lobby.

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