Razeen - Biomedical Sciences

Science Ambassador
Razeen fun

Program: Biomedical Sciences

Year: 5

Stream of study: Regular

Pronouns: He/Him

Career goal: Medical doctor

How I get involved: I am the co-president of the UW Undergraduate Research Club, which we relaunched in the Fall 2023 term. I was also a 2023 Science Orientation Leader. I've volunteered before with SciSoc and Science Outreach, and currently work on a weekly basis as a volunteer for the STEPS program at the Centre for Community, Clinical, and Applied Research Excellence (CCCARE). As well, I have been a Science Ambassador since 2023.

Why I love my program

One of the reasons I love Biomedical Sciences is the value offered by its core courses. Courses such as Human Physiology I and II, Biochemistry, and Principles of Molecular Biology are required for the Biomedical Sciences program and are incredibly useful courses that provide fundamental knowledge in concepts that are further elaborated on in upper-year courses. I found that the courses I've taken over the past 4 years prepared me for studying for the MCAT and also provided me with critical thinking techniques that I can apply to my research projects. I also love Biomedical Sciences because its very much a program that is catered to my personal interests. My academic interests have always been in biomedical applications of scientific techniques with a specific focus on humans, so choosing Biomedical Sciences was an easy decision because the program is specifically designed for students with such interests. Also, pursuing minors in Medical Physiology and Psychology allowed me to apply these fundamental concepts to real-life situations, which is a valuable skill to have no matter what field you aim to work in.

Why University of Waterloo?

As someone who was raised in Waterloo for most of my life, choosing a local university was an easy decision for me, especially given the excellent reputation of UW as an innovative research institution. I knew that I wanted research to be an important part of my undergraduate experience and in the past few years, I have seen first-hand how many resources the university provides for its students to gain valuable hands-on experience with their learning. When I first started looking at prospective universities in high school, the Biomedical Sciences program offered by Waterloo stood out to me for its clear objective of providing undergraduates with the necessary academic tools to pursue professional or graduate school. Growing up around the University of Waterloo, I always felt that this institution provided a nurturing environment for academics, and I've certainly felt that way throughout my time here with the amazing support I have received from professors and peers over the years.

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