Tiffany - Biology

Science Ambassador
Tiffany Fun

Program: Honors Biology Co-op Joint Honors Music, Human Nutrition Minor, Medical Physiology Minor

Year: 4

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: She/Her

Career goal: I want to complete a Masters in Food Science (and possibly a PhD if I need one) after I graduate. I hope to work as a Director in Product Development or Innovation in Plant Based Meat or Cultured Meat. Some companies I hope to possibly work at are Beyond Meat, GOOD Meat, or Wildtype Foods!

How I get involved: In first year I was a weekly volunteer at the Science CnD, a floor representative in MKV's residence council, and an event coordinator for BUGS. During the past 2 years online, I joined UW Cooking Club as a general exec member and is now one of the Co-Presidents! I have also previously been BUGS' VP Social during my second year. I am now one of your Science Ambassadors and Co-President for UW Cooking Club!

Why I love my program

I love Biology because of all the cool people I get to meet and be friends with! There's also many cool opportunities and ways to get involved, like BUGS! Also, I might be slightly biased, but all the cool courses are Biology courses. Many of the Biology profs are very approachable and wiling to help you do well in that course (shout out to Pinheiro!).

Why University of Waterloo?

There's so many opportunities that the school provides! I am planning on doing an exchange term in Australia in 2024. In my third year, I pursued the Biotechnology Technician Diploma pathway at Conestoga College. I'm currently doing a Joint Honors with Music and a double minor with Human Nutrition and Medical Physiology. All of these opportunities, along with Co-op, helped me figure out what my career goals are.

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