Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations

Applied Health Sciences Petitions and Instructions for Students

Policy 70 (Student Petitions and Grievances) indicates that a petition “is a request by a student seeking exception to, or relief from, normal faculty or University rules and regulations”. Examples of petitions include adding or dropping a course after the deadline, changing course load enrolment and reconsideration of an end of term academic decision. Petitions, grievances, and appeals are further defined in the Undergraduate Calendar.

The Applied Health Sciences (AHS) Standing & Promotions Committee includes faculty and staff representation from the Dean’s Office, all AHS academic units and the Registrar’s Office. The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, chairs the committee. Normally, the committee meets once a month and results are released within a week of the meeting.

All petition communications—including requests for clarification or further information, as well as final decisions—are sent to students via their email address; therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to monitor this account regularly.

A petition decision cannot be appealed.