Clear space and minimum sizes

The following clear space and minimum size requirements apply to all University of Waterloo faculty, department, school and non-academic logo formats.

Ensure that clear space and minimum sizes take into account the white border around the shield.

Clear space

Recommended clear space around the logo has been provided to ensure its visibility and impact. No other graphic element should appear within the clear space.

In cases where the faculty, department, school or non- academic name extend wider than the University of Waterloo text, the clear space should be measured from the widest portion of the logo as shown below.


UWaterloo horizontal logo clearspace

clear space diagram for faculty logo



UWaterloo vertical logo clear space

clear space diagram for vertical faculty logo


Minimum size

The recommended minimum sizes shown below have been established in order to maintain legibility.


For the horizontal logo versions, ensure the height of the shield is never less than 7.3 millimeters (mm) or 28 pixels (px).

UWaterloo horizontal logo minimum size


For the vertical logo version, ensure the full height of the primary University logo is no less than 14.8 mm or 54 px.

UWaterloo vertical logo minimum size