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App icons

App iconography is inspired by one of the brand’s strongest signifiers: the colour bar. All icons should be visually consistent and appear part of a set.

App icons should only be used to represent the app, and should not be used as or in place of a logo.

Guiding principles

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it relevant to the app itself
  • Consistency is key

Technical guidelines

  • Use a 32-pixel (px) square grid as the canvas.
  • Each icon should not go beyond 6 px from all edges.
  • The continuous stroke or outline of the icon should be 2 px wide and evenly distributed into the four colour blocks from colour palette that has been used.
  • Icons should look scaled evenly as a set. Depending on the overall proportion of the icon, carefully consider how it fills the content area.
  • Use a black background.
  • Cross-faculty icons should use the University colour palette.

Sample applications

Portal app icon

sample Portal app icon and grid

WatSafe app icon

sample WatSafe app icon and grid

Faculty app icon

sample fauclty app icon anf grid


Sample icon in-context

App icon in context sample