Former Faculty and Staff

Andreas A. Andrikopoulos.

Andreas A. Andrikopoulos

Professor Emeritus

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Retired: 1991

Areas of specialization: Applied microeconometrics; Urban and regional economics

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Karl M.H. Bennett

Professor Emeritus

BA; MA (Queen's); PhD (McGill)

Retired: 2002
Areas of specialization: Economic development (trade policy); Economic development (finance)

Richard W. Bodell

Associate Professor

BSc, Dip Ed (Sydney); MA, PhD (York)

Retired: 2007
Areas of specialization: Natural resource economics; Cost-benefit analysis

James A. Brox.

James A. Brox

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

BA (Toronto); MA, PhD(McMaster)

Retired: 2009
Areas of specialization: Forecasting; Applied econometrics

John Burbidge.

John Burbidge

Professor Emeritus

BA Mathematics & Economics (McGill); PhD (McGill)


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Retired: 2021

Areas of specialization: Public finance

Leonard Fletcher

Professor Emeritus

Retired: 1994

Sukesh Ghosh

Professor Emeritus

Retired: 1996

Michael C. Howard

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

BA, MA (Lancaster); PhD (Leicester)

Retired: 1997
Areas of specialization: Economic theory; Economic thought; Economic systems

Stanley W. Kardasz

Professor Emeritus

BA (Loyola); PhD (Queen's)

Retired: 2005
Areas of specialization: Industrial organization - determinants of domestic and import prices in Canadian manufacturing

Robert R. Kerton.

Robert R. Kerton

Distinguished Professor Emeritus and former Dean of Arts

BComm (Toronto); MA (Carleton); PhD (Duke)
Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Retired: 2008

Areas of specialization: Consumer economics; International consumer policy; Microeconomics of regulation; Public policy

Ramesh C. Kumar.

Ramesh C. Kumar

Professor Emeritus

BStat, MStat (Indian Statistical Institute); MA, PhD (Toronto)


Retired: 2010
Areas of specialization: Comparative economic growth; Resource and environment economics

Eva Lau.

Eva Lau

Continuing Lecturer

Retired: 2014
Areas of specialization: Microeconomics and macroeconomics; Cost benefit analysis; Economics of education; Personal finance and economics

James Melvin

Professor Emeritus

Retired: 2000

Fadle M. Naqib

Professor Emeritus

BSc (Washington); MSc (Oregon); PhD (Queen's)


Retired: 2003
Areas of specialization: Mathematical economics; Economics of the Middle East

W. Robert Needham

Professor Emeriti
James Redekop.

James Redekop

Assistant Professor

BSc (Victoria); MA, PhD (Toronto); PhD (Waterloo)

Retired: 2011
Areas of specialization: Financial economics; Econometrics; Social choice and welfare; Mathematical economics

Pat Shaw.

Pat Shaw (Retired)

Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Program

BA 88, Social Development

Retired: 2021

Kenneth Stollery.

Kenneth Stollery

Professor Emeritus

BA (Southern California); MA, PhD (Queen's)

Professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo: 1974 - 2005

Ken Stollery passed away in 2005. He was a highly regarded faculty member in the Department of Economics for more than 30 years, serving as Associate Chair for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Areas of specialization: Natural resources; Environmental economics

Mary Ann Vaughan

Mary Ann Vaughan

Continuing Lecturer Emeritus

CV: Mary Ann Vaughan

BA (McMaster); MA (Waterloo)

Retired: 2019

Areas of specialization: Macroeconomics; Monetary policy

David Wilton

Professor Emeritus

BComm (McMaster); PhD (MIT)

Retired: 2007
Areas of specialization: Labour economics; Economics of tourism; Macroeconomics