Exam Change Request

This form should only be used to request time, date and location changes/accommodations for in-person exams for online courses. We will contact your instructor for approval before any change is made.

Changes to exam dates and times are granted only under exceptional circumstances. Appropriate documentation may be required. Changes will only be accepted until July 5, 2024, after that we cannot guarantee your exam can be changed.

Location Changes

  • Use this form if your exam is scheduled in Waterloo because you have other on-campus courses and Odyssey will not allow you to choose a different location. Documentation will be required.
  • Do not use this form if you want to change your exam centre and are not taking any on-campus courses. You can select another exam centre in Odyssey until July 5. Documentation is not required.

Conflicts or Consecutive Exam Relief

If you have a conflict or back-to-back (consecutive) exams please use the Registrar's forms. They will be available after the exam schedule is released on May 31. 

  • Exam conflicts - final examinations that are scheduled on the same day, at the same time, or 3 or more exams occurring on the same day.
  • Consecutive exams - when final exams are scheduled in consecutive exam periods.

If you choose not to request exam relief (or miss the submission deadline) for consecutively scheduled exams, petitions and grievances will not be granted.


A non-refundable $50 administration may apply.

Questions should be emailed to  extendedlearning@uwaterloo.ca, include your student number, course information and all relevant details.