Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations

Faculty of Health Petitions and Instructions for Students

Policy 70 (Student Petitions and Grievances) indicates that a petition “is a request by a student seeking exception to, or relief from, normal faculty or University rules and regulations.” Examples of petitions include adding or dropping a course after the deadline, changing course load enrolment and reconsideration of an end of term academic decision. Petitions, grievances, and appeals are further defined in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

The Faculty of Health Standing & Promotions Committee includes faculty and staff representation from the Dean’s Office, all Faculty of Health academic units and the Registrar’s Office. The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, chairs the committee. Normally, the committee meets once a month and results are released within a week of the meeting.

All petition communications—including requests for clarification or further information, as well as final decisions—are sent to students via their email address; therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to monitor this account regularly.

A petition decision cannot be appealed.

Steps to submit a petition

 Students wishing to submit a petition should:

  1. Discuss the petition process with their academic advisor, including relevant timelines and desired outcome.
  2. Fill out the Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations Form.
  3. Carefully read and follow the form’s instructions.
  4. The petition form includes guidance regarding the type of information needed. If problems were experienced throughout the term, an explanation should be included about why enrolment continued rather than pursuing a timely drop with a WD.
  5. Gather all relevant supporting documents that support the petition (for example: Verification of Illness Form, letter from physician(s), letter from counsellor(s), death certificate, police report, etc.). Documents not in English must be translated (both the original and translated documents are to be submitted).
  6. Submit all the information online.

Additional information

Students should note the following:

  • Students should prepare their petition in a manner that clearly conveys their circumstances and timeline of events.  
  • Students should not assume the committee members know all aspects of a story or set of circumstances. If there are important facts, those should be included in the petition and supported by documentation whenever possible.
  • Petitions allow students to progress through their academic studies by seeking exception to, or relief from, normal faculty or University rules and regulations.  The academic record at graduation reflects a completed period of study that is no longer subject to change. Therefore, petitions are not considered after a degree is awarded.
  • Students should not use a petition to challenge a grade in a course, as described in Policy 70 (Student Petitions and Grievances). Rather, they should explore a grievance.
  • Immediate action by students may be necessary to minimize delays in their ability to remain in their program.
  • Students on a study permit should meet with an Immigration Consultant (South Campus Hall, second floor) before leaving Canada, if they plan to petition a term withdrawal or, receive a 'required to withdraw' decision.
  • Please direct any questions to your academic advisor.