Fluid Mechanics and Fire Behavior

Fluid Mechanics and Fire Behaviour

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Several research initiatives in the Fluid Mechanics and Fire Behavior Group focus on experimental and analytical investigation into a broad class of fluid mechanics problems.

Current projects underway relate to measurements and modeling of complex turbulent shear flows, environmental flows and reacting turbulent flows. The detailed physics of these flows is studied using a combination of advanced experimental techniques and computational fluid dynamics.

Professor Elizabeth Weckman, and Professor C. Devaud study Fire Research and Safety in the state-of-the-art Fire Facility Labs at the University of Waterloo. Professors Li, Dongging and Carolyn Ren conduct advanced research in microfluidics and are actively involved with research in engineering. Professor F-S Lien’s research involves Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and turbulence models for 3D flows. 

General fields of application of the research programs include:

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Strong, A.B.
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