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Graduate student profiles

Timothy Muttoo.

Timothy Muttoo

Master of Public Health student

Using simple technology, Master's of Public Health Student, Timothy Muttoo created a water filtration system that is transforming thousands of lives in the Dominican Republic.

Danielle Brandow

Danielle Brandow

MSc Public Health and Health Systems candidate

Inspired by her time as a resident of Northern Ontario, Danielle Brandow focuses her Master's research on the health of indegenous people, and the disparities that many face when living in northern communities.

Lesley Johnston on a camel

Lesley Johnston

PhD Public Health and Health Systems candidate

As part of her doctoral research, Lesley Johnston is investigating ways in which community well-being in Mongolia and Zambia are affected by Canadian-sponsored mining operations.

Miriam Klassen

Miriam Klassen

Medical Officer of Health, Perth District Health Unit

As a former physician in a small Ontario practice, Miriam Klassen decided to shift her work from one-on-one health care provision to address broader population health issues. Now working as Medical Officer of Health at the Perth District Health unit, her Master of Public Health degree allowed her to focus her knowledge and understanding for the new role.

Denise Ng

Denise Ng

MSc Public Health and Health Systems

Working in a pediatric clinic after graduating from her bachelor's degree provided the inspiration for Denise Ng's graduate research. Now a Master's student, she focuses on health informatics and health service research, and explores the level of risk perceived by patients when they are asked to provide feedback via smart-phone technology.

Pemma Muzumdar

Pemma Muzumdar

Communications Coordinator, National Collaboration Centres for Public Health

Pemma Muzumdar credits the University of Waterloo's Master of Public Health (MPH) program for teaching her the importance of maintaining a strong learning network, developing collaborative practices, and sharing knowledge and resources in an online environment. Now working as Communications Coordinator at the National Collaboration Centres for Public Health her experience in the program has positively impacted her career.