Picture of Jessica Delaney

Jessica Delaney

Health Promoter, Brant County Health Unit

Jessica Delaney works with interdisciplinary teams to address public health issues such as substance misuse, mental health and youth engagement. As a Health Promoter she uses a population health promotion approach to guide public health programming which includes researching, planning, developing, implementation and evaluating programs for different priority populations.

Amanda Doggett.

Amanda Doggett

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Amanda's PhD research examines the impact that missing height and weight data can have on youth body mass index research.

Laura Fadrique.

Laura Fadrique

MSc student, Public Health and Health Systems

Laura's MSc research examined privacy and user trust in companies, and transparency in healthcare IoT (Internet of Things) data collection.

Eric Filice.

Eric Filice

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Eric's PhD research explores sexuality, information and communications technologies, and body image.

Mahmood Gohari.

Mahmood Gohari

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Mahmood’s PhD research evaluated how the authorized sale of alcohol in some Ontario grocery stores affected alcohol use behaviours among youth.

Nour Hammami.

Nour Hammami

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Nour's PhD research investigated patterns of protective (physical activity) and risk health behaviours (binge drinking, cigarette smoking and cannabis use) and their relationship with weight status over time among youth participating in the COMPASS study in Ontario, Canada.

Somkene Igboanugo.

Somkene Igboanugo

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Somkene's PhD research examines the embedding of psychosocial stress among firefighters and university faculty and aims to increase our understanding of the relationship between stress and disease.

Nnenna Ike.

Nnenna Ike

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Nnenna's MSc research investigated the role of resilience on university students' use of mental health services while on campus. 

Yong-Jin Kim.

Yong-Jin Kim

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Yong-Jin's PhD research investigates the cost-effectiveness of tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the first-line treatment of lung cancer in Ontario.

Kirsten Lee.

Kirsten Lee

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Kirsten's PhD research investigates the potential for nutrition labelling on menus to support healthy and sustainable eating in cafeterias.

Jerrica Little.

Jerrica Little

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Jerrica's PhD research examined the clinical mental health needs and service access of emerging adults aged 18-29.

Alex Luther.

Alex Luther

MSc student, Public Health and Health Systems

Alex's MSc research examined the impact of adverse childhood experiences on Indigenous children, and the nature of coping or resilience strategies to overcome these adversities. 

Julia Man.

Julia Man

Executive Officer, Office of the Chief Coroner

Julia Man (MPH ’15) has worked for organizations like the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Office of the Auditor General and the Ministry of Health. In her roles, she has explored health issues from a variety of perspectives. Now, she is working for the Office of the Chief Coroner as an Executive Officer.

Sara Packull-McCormick.

Sara Packull-McCormick

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Sara's PhD research examines mercury exposure in First Nations communities in northern Canada. 

Sonya Pirani.

Sonya Pirani

Master of Public Health

As a registered nurse, Sonya Pirani (MPH '20) noticed that decisions being made by policy makers did not always reflect the realities she experienced on the front line. Driven by her experiences, Sonya pursued the Master of Public Health program with her sights set on a career in health policy.

Emily Rutter.

Emily Rutter

MSc student, Public Health and Health Systems

Emily's MSc research investigated the relationship between social support availability and cognitive function in Canadian adults between the ages of 45 and 85.

Anis Sharafoddini.

Anis Sharafoddini

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Anis's PhD research examined how patient similarity analytics can accelerate the move toward precision medicine. 

Ahmad Syed.

Ahmad Syed

Surgical Clinical Analyst, William Osler Health System

Ahmad Syed (MHI '20) started graduate studies with a clear vision – he wanted to work on the non-clinical side of health care. With this goal in mind, he pursued the Master of Health Informatics (MHI) program at the University of Waterloo. Now, Ahmad works as a Surgical Clinical Analyst at William Osler Health System.

Timothy Muttoo.

Timothy Muttoo

Master of Public Health

Using simple technology, Master's of Public Health Student, Timothy Muttoo created a water filtration system that is transforming thousands of lives in the Dominican Republic.

Danielle Brandow

Danielle Brandow

MSc Public Health and Health Systems

Inspired by her time as a resident of Northern Ontario, Danielle Brandow focuses her Master's research on the health of indegenous people, and the disparities that many face when living in northern communities.

Lesley Johnston on a camel

Lesley Johnston

PhD Public Health and Health Systems candidate

As part of her doctoral research, Lesley Johnston is investigating ways in which community well-being in Mongolia and Zambia are affected by Canadian-sponsored mining operations.

Erika McMullin

Erika McMullin

Student, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Erika McMullin is passionate about making a change in Canadian Health Systems. Going through the Master of Health Evaluation (MHE) program has helped her take a step closer to achieving that goal, as she now applies her knowledge of health evaluation to improve government initiatives and health programs. Currently working with a dedicated team at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Erika hopes to continue collaborating with stakeholders and conduct creative interventions to improve patient care for the community.

Babak Rashidi

Babak Rashidi

Internal Medicine Physician, The Ottawa Hospital/Queensway Carleton Hospital

As an Internal Medicine Physician, Babak Rashidi takes on various roles to contribute toward improved patient health care at two of the biggest hospitals in Canada's capital city. Completing University of Waterloo's Master of Health Informatics (MHI) program has connected him to the rising field of health technology, as he has contributed to projects such as CANImmunize, a user-friendly app that's helping Canadians keep track of their immunizations. 

Miriam Klassen

Miriam Klassen

Medical Officer of Health, Perth District Health Unit

As a former physician in a small Ontario practice, Miriam Klassen decided to shift her work from one-on-one health care provision to address broader population health issues. Now working as Medical Officer of Health at the Perth District Health unit, her Master of Public Health degree allowed her to focus her knowledge and understanding for the new role.

Denise Ng

Denise Ng

MSc Public Health and Health Systems

Working in a pediatric clinic after graduating from her bachelor's degree provided the inspiration for Denise Ng's graduate research. Now a Master's student, she focuses on health informatics and health service research, and explores the level of risk perceived by patients when they are asked to provide feedback via smart-phone technology.