Alumni Profile: Founders of Curiato Inc.

Zied headshot

Zied Etleb, BSc '16, MBET '17

Zied Etleb is the Co-Founder, Director and Product Architect at Curiato – a digital healthcare company improving the quality of care by providing data driven decision support for a variety of hospital acquired conditions. Zied graduated with distinction from the University of Waterloo (BSc’16, MBET’17) and is the receipt of multiple awards and honors. At uWaterloo, Zied was instrumental in co-founding the first healthcare hackathon, Hack4Health, as well as Innovation in Healthcare, a student society focusing on science-based solutions for big problems. Along with Matthew Sefati and Moazam Khan, at uWaterloo, Zied developed numerous inventions including a handheld portable vein visualization device, crime predicting software for law enforcement, natural language automation for family physician offices and IoT hubs for crowded urban spaces. He is the recipient of multiple honors including the Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award and serves as a technical advisor for multiple early-stage ventures in Canada and North Africa.

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Moazam Khan, BSc ’16, MBET ’17

Moazam Khan, graduated with distinction from both the Faculty of Science (BSc’16) and Faculty of Engineering (MBET’17) at the University of Waterloo. During his time at uWaterloo, Moazam noticed the rise of IoT and envisioned a future of automation and prediction in healthcare. Along with Zied Etleb and Matthew Sefati, Moazam Co-Founded Curiato – a patented smart bed cover powering a data driven AI platform, hosting a variety of applications, targeting costly and time-consuming hospital acquired conditions. Moazam led Curiato from ideation and clinical trials to commercialization, securing venture capital and international partnerships to accelerate growth. During his time at uWaterloo, Moazam invented a low infrared vein visualization device and workflow automation tools for physician offices as well as Co-Founded uWaterloo’s very first healthcare hackathon.

Moazam is also the recipient of the Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award and firmly believes in the power of science to solve big problems and has been serving as an advisor to numerous early-stage ventures, focusing on growth. He also served as Entrepreneur in Resident at an early-stage AI fund in San Jose, CA and as Mentor for digital health start ups at Founder’s Institute.

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Matthew Sefati, BSc ’17

Matthew Sefati is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Curiato Inc, a digital health company on a mission to improve patient outcomes by transforming hospital beds into a platform of clinical insights. Matthew is a wartime entrepreneur who spent his career innovating in various sectors such as staffing, logistics and life sciences. At uWaterloo Matthew developed a logistics routing platform which was then acquired by Network FOB, which was then transitioned to GlobalTranz. At Curiato, Matthew focused his efforts developing a coalition of some of the most prolific scientific and medical researchers, hospital administrators, engineers, government, and industry partners to work on a joint vision of improving the status quo of healthcare. Matthew is a firm believer in leading from behind using a team-based approach involving people from multiple disciplines to create a more effective team to solve problems that matter.