Alumni profile: Ebele Mogo

Ebele Mogo.
Ebele Mogo moved from Nigeria to start her undergraduate career at the University of Waterloo (BSc ‘09). This was a big change for Ebele but one she is grateful for because of the resilient person it has made her.

Since graduating, she has completed her masters in Global Health and Public Policy, conducted research at the World Health Organization Centre for health development in Japan, presented at the International Conference on urban health in Brazil, and provided oversight for a cancer research project in Alberta. This fall, Ebele resumes a Doctor of Public Health in Colorado.

Ebele is president of the Engage Africa Foundation which she founded to fight non-communicable diseases in Africa, which are on a rapid rise due to globalization and changing lifestyles.

She is passionate about socially responsible entrepreneurship as a sustainable avenue for development.

When she is not brainstorming on a creative idea, Ebele writes poetry, travels, reads, and has random conversations with strangers on her blog.