Alumni profile: M. Arshad Siddiqui

M. Arshad Siddiqui.
Dr. Arshad Siddiqui (PhD Chemistry ’90), President and CEO of Paraza Pharma Inc., began his career at BioChem Pharma in Montreal, Quebec, where he contributed to the advancement of an anti-HIV drug, 3TC (Epivir). He and his team members received the Prix-Galien Canada Research Award (1996) for the discovery of this cornerstone therapy for HIV patients. As a part of Schering-Plough Corporation and Merck and Co., in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Siddiqui contributed to the development of multiple drug discovery programs that have progressed to clinical development.

In 2011, he founded Paraza Pharma Inc. in Montreal, which currently employs over sixty scientists, and is engaged in the discovery and development of innovative medicines of the future. Dr. Siddiqui has published more than seventy research articles in peer reviewed journals and has earned seventy-five published patents.