Alumni Profile: Janet E. McDougall

Janet E. McDougall

Janet McDougall

BSc ’71, Biology and Psychology, minor in Biochemistry

Founder, President, Owner, McDougall Scientific, Ltd. Toronto, ON

Combining formal and practical education at the graduate and undergraduate level, Ms. McDougall linked her interests in science, statistics and pharmacology (MSc Pharmacology and Statistics, University  of Toronto, 1977) to the world of clinical research bringing treatments from the lab bench to the patients in need.

 In 1984 she founded McDougall Scientific Ltd., a pharmaceutical contract research organization specializing in statistics and clinical data management services.  Her company serves the statistical and data management needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical devise industries engaged in clinical research.  Janet has designed and analyzed hundreds of clinical trials and assimilated the complex rules of the international health research, and presented to both the Canadian (TPD) and American (FDA) regulatory authorities.  Prior to starting the company Janet worked as a Research Assistant at the Addiction Research Foundation, taught in Technology at Durham College in Oshawa, and was a statistician in clinical research at McNeil Pharmaceutical.

Ms. McDougall is accredited by both the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) and the American Statistical Association (ASA) and has held a number of leadership positions in the American and Canadian Statistical Associations. Additionally, she acted as a Consultant’s Forum editor for the Liaison, was a member of the Prostate Cancer Canada Scientific Advisory Committee – Pilot Grant Programme. Janet has published in applied statistical and clinical journals, lectured about applied statistics and continues to follow the changing trends in international healthcare research and the regulations that guide it. Janet is a mentor and generous supporter of the next generation of scientists.