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Science and Business

Degree: Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Science and Business
Systems of study available: regular or co-op

waterloo science and business students doing group work with laptops

Combining two distinct and respected disciplines into one unique program.


  • Biochemistry
    Specialize your degree by studying the chemical processes in living organisms, and develop a foundation in chemistry to better understand and monitor biological systems throughout your career.
  • Biology
    Dive into the study of living organisms, exploring all aspects of life.
    From the laboratory to management, you are well equipped for the future.
  • Biotechnology
    Focus on the development of products or processes that use biological systems for a specific applied use — popular examples
    being personalized medicine, synthetic insulin, biofuels,
    and bioremediation.
  • Chemistry
    Study the composition, structure, and properties of matter.
    Understand how elements and compounds interact with each other,
    and the technology behind their uses.
  • Earth Sciences
    Learn about the world under your feet by exploring topics such
    as geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, and geochemistry — and
    understand how to apply Earth Science to real-world businesses in
    fields such as energy, geohazards, and resource management.
  • Environmental Science
    Study the interactions between living systems and the environment,
    in areas such as ecology, diversity, and wetland science. Help monitor and manage human impacts on the environment, today
    and tomorrow.
  • Physics
    Understand the interactions of energy and forces on matter in
    a broad range of topics, including gravitation, relativity, and
    electromagnetism. Step out into challenging technology positions.


Incorporate courses in science with expertise in business disciplines such as marketing, economics, accounting, and law. Industry is moving fast, and so we need business leaders who can keep pace with new technologies and make quick decisions with confidence. Through this unique program, you will link your passion for science to the world of business. Every Science and Business student has the privilege to take our one-of-a-kind workshops, where you apply your scientific expertise and analytical skills to business situations and opportunities. Graduate with confidence, knowing you will have the knowledge and expertise to enter the workforce to a broader range of prospects than the competition.

First-year courses

As a first year Science and Business student you can expect to take a cross section of science and business courses. Our workshop courses, which are offered each year, develop research, communication and team-building and interaction skills.

Fall term

Winter term

AFM 131 Introduction to Business in North America

MATH 127 Calculus 1 for the Sciences  

CHEM 120/120L Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter/Lab

Science Elective — depends upon the specialization you have chosen

SCBUS 123 Science & Business Workshop 1

ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics

MATH 128 Calculus 2 for the Sciences (Not all options take this) or Science Elective —depends upon the specialization you have chosen

CHEM 123/123L Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics/Lab

SCBUS 122 Management of Business Organizations

Science Elective — depends upon the specialization you have chosen

CS 100 Introduction to Computing through Applications

Upper-year courses

To view the full list of upper year courses for each specialization, please visit the Academic Calendar. 

Science and Business Workshops

These are a set of courses that specifically highlight how analytical
thinking and scientific rigor intersect in business. Focused on technology innovation, strategic development, management and marketing of scientific and technical advances, and the internal workings of scientific organizations, these courses are taught by uniquely qualified and seasoned individuals grounded in the often contrary worlds of academic, industrial, entrepreneurship, and public policy. They seed and nurture the development of the special skills that set Science and Business students apart.

Co-operative education (co-op) available: Yes

Co-op students at work

  • Junior Policy Advisor, Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat
  • Scientific Marketing Associate, Advanced Chemistry Development Inc.
  • Strategy & Planning Analyst, Bank of Montreal
  • Chemical Analyst, National Lab for Environmental Testing
  • Technology Specialist, Mitra Imaging Inc.

Learn more about co-op and how much you can earn on co-op work terms.

Career fields

What our grads are doing now

  • Senior Consultant, Deloitte
  • Business Systems Analyst, Newbridge Networks Corporation
  • Project Coordinator, Patheon
  • Drug Safety Team Lead, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
  • Logistics Planner, Praxair Canada Inc.

See more in the science careers list.

Admission information for future students

  • Apply via Physical Sciences on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). 
  • Visit Waterloo’s main future student website for details on admissions, financing, housing, and more.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Find out more about life as a Waterloo Science and Business student. Come in for a tour or to one of our open houses and you might even meet them in person!