Science and Business

Degree: Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Science and Business
Systems of study available: regular or co-op
Length: 4 years (regular), 5 years (co-op — includes both study and work terms)

waterloo science and business students doing group work with laptops

Cara meets often with her classmates to prep for Science and Business workshops.

"I chose Science and Business because I wanted to be highly competent and marketable when I entered the workforce."
– Cara, Science and Business student
Team management, public speaking, and applying business knowledge to industrial and scientific technologies are key outcomes of these one-of-a-kind workshops, designed and led by award-winning professor Kashif Memon.


  • The only one of its kind in Canada, Waterloo's Science and Business program provides quality education and training experience in the sciences, which is enhanced through the integration of business courses and interdisciplinary science-business workshops.
  • Interested in both science and business? Why choose one when you can study both at Canada's most innovative university? Designed with industry input, this program allows you to pursue careers in science, business, or in the many areas where the two intersect.
  • Become a trained scientist with solid presentation and business skills. It's one thing to understand science, but effectively presenting research and scientific concepts to stakeholders and non-scientists is an essential skill in the world today.
  • Basic business know-how will also get you on your way to managing your own business (e.g., health practice) or joining an existing one (e.g., pharmaceutical and research and discovery companies). Become a sought-after business professional with a unique ability to join a science-related business team, able to speak the language of science and hit the ground running — an edge other traditional business program grads won't often have.
  • Apply your business background to real world science problems through our Science and Business workshops (small groups that take on case studies, create business plans, and analyze the marketability of products).
  • Science and Business is offered through the Science and Business umbrella of programs. Visit the Science and Business website for additional information.


Choose from 1 of 7 different specializations or remain unspecialized and access a broader cross-section of science courses. 

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Physics

First-year courses

As a first year Science and Business student you can expect to take a cross section of science and business courses. Our workshop courses, which are offered each year, develop research, communication and team-building and interaction skills.

Fall term

Winter term

AFM 131 Introduction to Business in North America

MATH 127 Calculus 1 for the Sciences  

CHEM 120/120L Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter/Lab

Science Elective — depends upon the specialization you have chosen

SCBUS 123 Science & Business Workshop 1

ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics

MATH 128 Calculus 2 for the Sciences (Not all options take this) or Science Elective —depends upon the specialization you have chosen

CHEM 123/123L Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics/Lab

SCBUS 122 Management of Business Organizations

Science Elective — depends upon the specialization you have chosen

CS 100 Introduction to Computing through Applications

Upper-year courses

To view the full list of upper year courses for each specialization, please visit the Academic Calendar. 

Combining science and business — the workshops

Participate in our unique workshop-style courses every year. Develop your ability to apply business know-how to industrial and scientific technologies. Identify, investigate, and solve business problems from a scientific vantage point, leveraging your strong analytical skills. Issues such as technology innovation, assessment of the current utility of a technology, scale-up of the technology, projected return on investment (ROI), rate of return (ROR), and hurdles (production, regulatory, market competition, intellectual property protection) come under discussion during the workshop panel debates and focus groups. Strengthen your public speaking and team management skills. Learn in an atmosphere where you and your classmates are encouraged to both challenge and support one another other.


Minors add additional areas of expertise to your degree. View a complete list of minors. Choose minors within Science or even in other faculties. Some restrictions may apply depending on your program.

Co-operative education (co-op)


In the second term of your second year, you're able to begin your first co-op job. You'll complete 4 months of co-op, then return for 4 months of school. This pattern will continue for the rest of your undergraduate experience.

Co-op students at work

  • Business Development Intern, MDS Proteomics
  • Chemical Analyst, National Lab for Environmental Testing
  • Junior Medical Representative, Pharmascience
  • Marketing Strategist, Bell Canada-Sympatico
  • Oncology Business Intern, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Product Marketing Associate (Desktop Products), Microsoft Canada
  • Product Marketing Manager, Blackberry
  • Project Analyst, University Health Network
  • Scientific Marketing Associate, Advanced Chemistry Development Inc.
  • Special Project & Buyer Support, GM Canada

Learn more about co-op and how much you can earn on co-op work terms.


Explore, grow, and develop your skills and become a polished professional in a multitude of fields. Go on to careers from medicine to marketing to project management. Work in technical and managerial positions, become an entrepreneur, or continue on to professional schools or masters programs.

See more in the science careers list.

Important information for future students

  • Apply via Physical Sciences on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). 
  • Visit Waterloo’s main future student website for details on admissions, financing, housing, and more.