2022 Co-op Student of the Year Award goes to Pharmacy Student Camille Huo

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Faculty of Science Co-op Student of the  Year Award Winner Camille Huo

Camille was recognized for her outstanding work term contributions and supporting the vaccination campaign

Last month, Camille Huo, Rx2023, was recognized as the Co-op Student of the Year from the Faculty of Science. The award, one for each of the University of Waterloo’s six faculties, is given annually in recognition of a student who made exceptional contributions on a co-op work term.

“I feel so grateful,” Camille says. “I know there’s a lot of co-op students in the Faculty of Science. To win Co-op Student of the Year makes me feel very recognized for all the tasks I was able to accomplish at Pharmasave. I’m also grateful to represent the School of Pharmacy."

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