The Faculty of Science celebrates award winners at Dean's reception

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

This afternoon, Bob Lemieux, Dean of Science celebrated the amazing faculty and staff of the Faculty of Science that have received awards for teaching and research in the last four years (2018-2021), in addition to introducing the new faculty members, as well as recognizing faculty and staff who have retired since June 2018. 

Lemieux started by thanking everyone from the Faculty for their exceptional work during the past 14 months, noting that all of our faculty and staff should be getting an award for their work to ensure that our teaching, research, and student support continued throughout the transition to online. 


Faculty and Staff Awardees 

Department of Biology 

Paul Craig – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2019 Early Researcher Award 

Vivian Dayeh – 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Brian Dixon – 2020 Annual Award of Excellence by the Cuban National Academy of Science 

Andrew Doxey – 2020 University Research Chair; 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Heidi Engelhardt – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award 

Barb Katzenback – 2020 Early Researcher Award 

Jen Lehman – 2019 Lili Pasternak Staff Excellence Award 

Kirsten Muller – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Josh Neufeld – 2019 University Research Chair; 2020 Elected Member of the College of New Scholars of the Royal Society of Canada 

Marcel Pinheiro – 2019 Jack Carlson Teaching Excellence in Biology Award; 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Bruce Reed – 2020 Rosi and Max Varon Visiting Professorship, Department of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel 

Rebecca Rooney – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award 

Mark Servos – 2019 Stephen J. Klaine Environmental Education Award from the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Heidi Swanson – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 


Department of Chemistry 

Carey Bissonnette – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award 

Laura Deakin – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award; 2020 Excellence in Teaching Award 

Jean Duhamel – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2021 CIC Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award 

Steven Forsey – 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Mario Gauthier – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Tadeusz Gorecki – 2020 Marie Curie Global Fellowship 

Scott Hopkins – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; Young Investigator Award 

Juewen Liu – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Graham Murphy – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2021 CSC Keith Fagnou Award 

Rick Marta (joint between Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy) – 2020 Distinguished Teacher Award; 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Liz Meiering – 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Linda Nazar – 2019 CIC Medal; 2020 MRS Medal; 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Pavle Radovanovic – 2019 CSC Keith Laidler Award 

Rodney Smith – 2021 Early Researcher Award 

Shirley Tang – 2019 NanoOntario Women’s Achievement Award 


Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences 

Nandita Basu – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2018 Faculty of Engineering Graduate Supervision Award; 2019 University Research Chair; 2019 Borland Lecture, Hydrology Days; 2019 Member, Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists; 2020 President’s Excellence in Research and Teaching Award; 2020 Sulzman Award in Education and Mentoring; 2021 Fellow, Earth Leadership Program 

David Blowes - 2020 Outstanding Performance Award

John Cherry – Stockholm Water Prize 

Keith Delaney – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Shaun Frape – 2019 Jane Lang Excellence in EES Teaching Award; 2019 TU Delft Global Drinking Water Best Paper Award 

Brian Kendall – 2019 W.W. Hutchinson Medal; 2019 Canada Research Chair Tier 2 

Jenine McCutcheon – 2018 ANSTO Australian Synchrotron Stephen Wilkins Thesis Medal; European Association of Geochemistry Early Career Science Ambassador 

Fereidoun Rezanezhad – 2019 Yangtze Water Award – Global WaterTech Challenge (with Philippe Van Cappellen); 2019 Technical University of Munich August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor Award 

David Rudolph – Robert N. Farvolden Award 

Saru Saraswati – 2019 Biogeosciences Best Student Presentation 

Colby Steelman – 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Philippe Van Cappellen – 2018 Honorary Professor at Tianjin University; 2020 Excellence in Graduate Supervision Award 

Chris Yakymchuk – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2020 Jane Lang Excellence in EES Teaching Award; 2020 Young Scientist Award, Mineralogical Association of Canada 


School of Optometry & Vision Science 

Jenna Bright – 2019 Johnson & Johnson Vision Care OD 4040 Award 

Lisa Christian – 2021 Science Excellence in Teaching Award (ESTA); 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Kristine Dalton – 2019 Distinguished Instructor Award (UWOSS) 

Anne Girling – 2019 Administrative Assistant Award 

Lacey Haines – 2019 Global Specialty Lens Symposium, 1st Place Poster (Scientific Category); 2020 UW Trailblazer Award 

Jeff Hovis – Fellowship, Aerospace Medical Association 

Natalie Hutchings – 2019 Excellence in Science Teaching Award (ESTA); 2019 Diplomate of Optometric Education – American Academy of Optometry 

Patricia Hrynchak – 2018 Michael G. Harris Family Award for Excellence in Optometric Education; 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2021 President’s Excellence in Teaching Award 

Lyndon Jones – 2018 Contact Lens Educator of the Year for the Americas Region – IACLE; 2019 Global Specialty Lens Symposium, 2nd Place Poster (Scientific Category); 2019 British Contact Lens Association Medal “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Contact Lenses”; 2019 AOCLE Lester Janoff Cornea and Contact Lens Memorial Award; 2019 German Contact Lens Association Peter Abel Award; 2020 UW Trailblazer Award; 2020 Distinguished Instructor Award (UWOSS); 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Shamroze Khan – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award; 2020 OAO Public Education Award 

Tammy Labreche – 2020 OAO Public Education Award; 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Vengu Lakshminarayanan – 2019 International Research Travel Award from the American Physical Society; IEEE Ambassador, Region 7; 2019 Fellow Lecturer – Optical Society of America; 2019 Executive Committee of the APS Forum on International Physics 

Susan Leat – 2020 OAO Public Education Award 

Ernest Luchetti – 2020 Distinguished Clinical Instructor Award (UWOSS) 

William Ngo – 2020 Korb-Exford Dry Eye Career Development Grant 

Jenny Oliveira-Kane – 2020 Administrative Assistant Award 

Lisa Prokopich – 2020 OAO Distinguished Service Award 

Marlee Spafford – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Ben Thompson – 2018 Bernard Gilmartin Award, Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics; 2018 Outstanding Performance Award 

Stanley Woo – 2020 OAO President’s Award 

School of Pharmacy 

Mike Beazely – 2018 Community Leader Award, UW 

Feng Chang, Kelly Grindrod, Sherilyn Houle, Nancy Waite – 2019 Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2019 Best Paper Award 

Barb Coulston – 2020 Excellence in Pharmacy Teaching Award (EPTA) 

Sarah de Waal – 2018 Best Poster, Lifelong Learning in Pharmacy Conference (with Nardine Nakhla, Felicia Pantazi, Rosemary Killeen, Lacey Haines, Sarah MacIver, Sruthi Srinivasan, Alisa Sivak and Karen Walsh) 

Andrea Edginton – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award 

Dave Edwards – 2018 Honorary Life Award, Canadian Pharmacists Association; 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

Kelly Grindrod – Pharmacist of the Year Award 

Emmanuel Ho – 2018 School of Pharmacy Outstanding Faculty Mentor in Graduate Program Award; 2019 Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology Research Leader Award; 2020 Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology Research Leader Award 

Rosemary Killeen – 2018 Best Poster, Lifelong Learning in Pharmacy Conference (with Nardine Nakhla, Felicia Pantazi, Sarah de Waal, Lacey Haines, Sarah MacIver, Sruthi Srinivasan, Alisa Sivak and Karen Walsh); 2020 Best Credit Programming under 48 hours award (with Brett Barrett and Felicia Pantazi) 

Elaine Lillie – 2018 Excellence in Pharmacy Teaching Award (EPTA) 

Ken Manson – 2020 AFPC/PEBC Award for Excellence in Research or Innovation in Assessment of Competence (for the development and stewardship of the Ontario Pharmacy Practice Clinical Assessment Tool 

Nardine Nakhla – 2018 Best Poster, Lifelong Learning in Pharmacy Conference (with Rosemary Kileen, Felicia Pantazi, Sarah de Waal, Lacey Haines, Sarah MacIver, Sruthi Srinivasan, Alisa Sivak and Karen Walsh)2019 Excellence in Pharmacy Teaching Award (EPTA); 2019 Outstanding Performance Award; 2020 Excellence in Science Teaching Award (ESTA); 2020 Ontario Bowl of Hygeia Award from OPA 

Praveen Nekkar – Honored Professor of Overseas Expertise from November 2018 to October 2021, Zhejiang University of China 

Tejal Patel – 2020 MINT Memory Clinic Future Innovator Award, from The Change Foundation 

Cynthia Richard – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award 

Alana Rigby – 2019 Gold Prix d’Excellence Award, Canada Council for the Advancement of Education 

Nancy Waite – 2020 Outstanding Performance Award 

William Wong – 2018 Early Researcher Award; 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 


Department of Physics & Astronomy 

Niayesh Afshordi – 2019 Buchalter Cosmology Prize (1st place), Buchalter Research Foundation 

Michael Balogh – 2020 Outstanding Performance Award; 2020 Executive Award for Outstanding Service Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) 

Anton Burkov – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Melanie Campbell – 2019 Laird Lectureship, Western University 

Michel Gingras – 2019 Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; 2020 New Frontiers in Research Fund; 2020 Research Leaders Award, WIN 

Michael Hudson – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award 

Rajibul Islam – 2019 Outstanding Teaching Award, Department of Physics and Astronomy; 2019 Early Researcher Award; 2020 President’s Excellence in Research Award 

Brenda Lee – 2019 Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Award for Teaching Excellence; 2019 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association; 2020 Outstanding Performance Award; 2021 Excellence in Science Teaching Award (ESTA) 

Zoya Leonenko – 2019 President, Biophysical Society of Canada; 2020 University Research Chair; 2020 New Frontiers in Research Fund; 2020 NSERC Engage Grant 

Norbert Lutkenhaus – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award 

Robert Mann – 2019 Outstanding Performance Award; 2019 C.A.P. Medal of Excellence in Teaching Undergraduate Physics, Canadian Association of Physicists; 2020 Distinguished Referee Award, European Physical Journal 

Brian McNamara – 2020 NASA Group Achievement Award 

Roger Melko – 2018 Outstanding Performance Award 

Christine Muschik – 2019 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship; 2019 NSERC Discovery Grant Supplement; 2019 New Frontiers in Research Fund; 2020 CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar; 2020 UW President’s Research Excellence Award 

Will Percival – 2020 Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year 

Crystal Senko – 2020 Canada Research Chair 

Donna Strickland – 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics; 2018 Outstanding Performance Award; 2019 Companion of the Order of Canada, The Governor General of Canada; 2019 inducted into the International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame; 2019 Fellow, Royal Society of Canada; 2019 Golden Plate of Achievement Award, Academy of Achievement; 2019 Honorary Fellow, Institute of Physics (IoP) (UK); 2019 Honorary Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE); 2019 Honorary Doctorate, International University Menendez Pelayo (UIMP); 2019 Honorary Doctorate, McMaster University; 2019 George Eastman Medal, University of Rochester; 2019 Distinguished Scholar Award, University of Rochester; 2019 Honorary Doctorate Institute National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS); 2019 Fellow, The International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE); 2020 Photonics Pioneer Award, Fitzpatrick Institute of Physics, Duke University; 2020  International Member, National Academy of Science; 2020 Fellow, The Royal Society (UK) 

Faculty members who have joined the Faculty of Science

Dale Martin – Biology                                                  
Liam McGuire  - Biology                                              
Julie Messier Biology                                             

Jozef Nissimov  - Biology                                            
Sarah Ruffell  – Biology                                             
Adam YatesBiology                                                
Laura Ingram – Chemistry                                           
Subha KalyaanamoorthyChemistry                           

Andrea BrookfieldEarth & Environmental Sciences    
Tonya Del SontroEarth & Environmental Sciences          
Jenine McCutcheonEarth & Environmental Sciences  
Maddy RosamondEarth & Environmental Sciences


Colby Steelman – Earth & Environmental Sciences
Randy Stotler – Earth & Environmental Sciences 

William Ngo – Optometry & Vision Science
Chau-Man Phan – Optometry & Vision Science
Julie Shalhoub – Optometry & Vision Science 

Brett Barrett – Pharmacy
Aravindhan Ganesan – Pharmacy 

Karen Cummings – Physics & Astronomy
Alan Jamison – Physics & Astronomy
Brenda Lee – Physics & Astronomy
Pooya Ronagh – Physics & Astronomy 


Faculty members who have retired from the Faculty of Science

Barb ButlerBiology
Bruce GreenbergBiology
Ralph SmithBiology
Janet WaiteBiology                                                 

Guy GuillemetteChemistry
Susan Mikkelsen - Chemistry

Barry WarnerEarth & Environmental Sciences

Susan LeatOptometry and Vision Science
Luigina Sorbara Optometry and Vision Science

Ken PotvinPharmacy