A male student stands in a dark auditorium full of people with a stage light shining on him. He is speaking to the audience.
Thursday, February 8, 2024

Staging Science: Embodying Knowledge Expression in the Sciences

Get presentation ready with the Faculty of Science’s newest course, Staging Science: Embodying Knowledge Expression in the Sciences. A collaboration between the Faculties of Arts and Science, the course is taught by Communication Arts professor Sarah Klein and designed specifically for science students.  

Built upon the success of Communications in the Sciences, a course all Science students take in year one, Staging Science will add to the foundational communication skills and strategies students gained in their first year and give them further tools to be confident communicators. 

In Staging Science, students will learn about the past, present and future of science from humanistic and social scientific perspectives by delving into plays, performance studies, and the history, philosophy, and sociology of science. Science itself is an art, and students will find out why presenting their art using the proper medium is an important part of being a scientist. Students will learn a set of practical, collaborative, and embodied performance skills that they will be able to call upon whether they are presenting research in class, defending a PhD, or sharing scientific findings with non-experts. 

Students who complete the course will have a whole new set of skills and experiences to pull from throughout the rest of their degree and upon graduation.  

This course will be offered for the first time in the Spring 2024 term, and you can read the full course description online