Two Science faculty appointed as 2020 University Research Chairs

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Congratulations to Professor Andrew Doxey from the department of biology and Professor Zoya Leonenko from the department of physics and astronomy for their appointment as University Research Chairs!

The University of Waterloo recognizes the exceptional achievement and pre-eminence of faculty members and professors in their particular field of knowledge with the designation 'University Research Chair'. Faculty members with this title receive either an annual stipend of $10,000 or a teaching reduction of one course per year, in order to pursue their research goals.

Doxey and Leonenko join Science faculty members Nandita Basu, Jeff Chen, Juewen Liu, Qing-Bin Lu, Colleen Maxwell, Brian McNamara, Josh Neufeld, Carol Ptacek, and Heidi Swanson as current University Research Chairs.

Andrew Doxey

Andrew DoxeyAndrew Doxey’s research interests are in biological data mining, protein function prediction, and comparative and evolutionary genomics. His research lab develops computational methods to predict novel molecular or systems-level functions from genomes and other “omics” datasets.

Zoya Leonenko

Zoya LeonenkoZoya Leonenko leads a nanoscale biophysics research group which uses advanced scanning probe microscopy methods to study biophysics of lipids and lipid-protein interactions, interactions of nanoparticles with lipid membrane and monolayers, and to develop novel application of lipid films in biomedical nanotechnology and biosensing.