Jasmine - Biomedical Sciences

Science Ambassador

Jasmine goofyYear: 2

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: Medicine

Favourite food: Pesto Pasta

How I get involved: I am a member of the UW Rowing, Cancer Foundation, Pre-medical, Pre-Optometry, Women in Health Care, and Biomedical Student Association Clubs. I am also a peer mentor volunteer, an Orientation Leader for this year’s orientation, and I have the pleasure of being a Science Ambassador this year!

Why I love my program

Through the Biomedical Science program, I am able to learn with great people who share interests very similar to mine. The program also prepares me for an array of careers in the medical field.

Why University of Waterloo?

When touring campus, I felt welcome and could imagine myself studying here at Waterloo. I am also interested in Optometry and, as Waterloo has the only English Optometry program in Canada, this contributed to my choice of the University of Waterloo.

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