Prakriti - Biology

Science Ambassador

Prakriti goofy

Year: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Molecular Genetics

Career goal: I would love to be involved in genetics in some way, through research, labs, or genetic counselling. I am still exploring all of my options! There are so many areas and types of careers to choose from.

Favourite food: Fettucine Alfredo

How I get involved: I love to stay involved, it makes me feel a lot more connected to the community at Waterloo. I have volunteered for the women's center, which I would describe as an amazing experience. I love to connect with people through getting involved. I was a Waterloo Ready Peer Mentor for Spring 2020. I am involved as an executive at the International and Canadian student network. I am also a coordinator for the Science Society.

Why I love my program

I have always loved biology and its power of having answers to all my curiosities. Biology as a discipline is a complex web that somehow fits in almost everything. I appreciate the flexibility it provides, everybody can find an area that interests them. The practical nature of the program helps me visualize what I am studying and makes me feel like I am a part of the process. Studying the human body and genetics of various organisms makes me see the world in a totally different way. The amount of unanswered questions and fascinating things/processes drive me to dive deep in and explore.

Why University of Waterloo?

The thing that attracted me the most was the bond of the community. Everybody loves what they are doing at the University of waterloo. The people as a whole are very warm, welcoming and enthusiastic. Academically, I have the flexibility to chose the courses I want to take and I was able to do biology courses right away. The co-op program gives you the ability to experiment, gain experience and choose what you love. The close knit science faculty seemed like the perfect fit for me!

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