Ameya - Biomedical Sciences

Science Ambassador
Ameya fun

Program: Biomedical Sciences

Year: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Pronouns: He/Him

Career goal: Doctor

How I get involved: UW A Cappella club, Science Ambassador

Why I love my program

The Biomedical Sciences program is very versatile, serving as one of the best segues into both medical and graduate school. In my opinion it has just the right number and type of mandatory science courses, such that it provided a very solid foundation in the life sciences, without being getting too technical. A significant portion of the program is electives, which allowed me to explore focussed topics such as Bone and Joint Health, quite useful for aspiring physicians such as myself who are unsure what specialization to choose in medical school.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose the University of Waterloo because of its reputation for excellence in STEM subjects. Having spent over two years here, I have to say that my favourite part is definitely the learning environment created by incredibly supportive and friendly professors and plenty of study spaces on campus. I'd often be able to just walk into my professors' offices and have an interesting conversation about science with them! There's also plenty to do to balance your academics, thanks to the plethora of clubs.

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