Belinda - Psychology

Science Ambassador
Belinda fun

Program: Psychology

Year: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Pronouns: She/Her

Career goal: I'm not settled on anything just yet, but I am interested in neuropsychology and/or occupational therapy.

How I get involved: I get involved by mentoring in PsychSociety's peer mentorship program, volunteering for SciSoc events, and volunteering in Renison international office's conversation partner program. 

Why I love my program

I have always been interested in how the brain, body, and mind interact so I like that I can combine my love for science and psychology through this program. I have a general interest in biology so having the flexibility of choosing biology courses to fulfil my science requirements is a perfect fit for me. I also have to mention how incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and approachable the professors are!

Why University of Waterloo?

After visiting on a campus tour in grade 12, I could see myself being a student and part of the Waterloo community. Everyone I met was welcoming and ready to help in any way they could. The people I meet as a current student are still the same way, so I really love the student community. Another key motivator of choosing Waterloo was because of its esteemed academic status.

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