Dawson - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador
Dawson fun

Program: Biochemistry Co-op, Biotechnology Specialization

Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: He/Him

Career goal: My goal after my undergrad is to pursue a Masters in Chemistry, most likely Analytical Chemistry. After a MSc, a position in Research & Development pertaining to Analytical Chemistry is the goal!

How I get involved: I am involved in research and TAing at the university, intramurals, and I was previously a part of iGEM!

Why I love my program

Biochemistry is a very hands-on program where students take many lab courses to help them gain practical skills in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. Hands-on learning is a way that complex topics are taught, and can help your learning a lot, and has definitely helped mine! A lot of the hands-on experience from labs can help you when applying to co-op positions! I really enjoy chemistry, and seeing how these concepts that are discovered in flasks affect living organisms fascinates me, and is explored in upper-year biochemistry courses. Plus, learning long pathways for metabolism or complex mechanisms for organic chemistry is satisfying to learn!!

Why University of Waterloo?

A big factor when choosing UWaterloo is the co-op program, which is a great way to help financially support my academics and gain experience for future careers. Waterloo is also a great size of city, where everything is well connected by public transportation (bus system or LRT). I never feel overwhelmed by the size of the city, but I never feel like there are not enough people.

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