Jackson - Chemistry

Science Ambassador
Jackson dino

Program: Chemistry major, Mathematics minor

Year: 5                       

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: He/They 

Career goal: Research! I'll be going to grad school next year

How I am involved at Waterloo: Over the past year, I have been a Science orientation leader, a peer mentor for first year chemistry students, and am now a chemistry team lead for the Science Ambassadors! I have also begun conducting research at a chemistry lab here, which will facilitate the completion of my undergraduate research project. To stay active, I play basketball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee intramurals with friends!


Why I love my program

I think chemistry is pretty interesting, and it combines a lot of subjects I am interested in (there is some math, some hands-on work, and I really just enjoy learning new things all the time, whether related to organic/inorganic synthesis, electrochemistry, or any other facet of chemistry)

Why University of Waterloo?

Co-op. Also, when I was younger I wanted to be like my uncle and be an engineer, so it was kind of always my "dream" school. I eventually realized that engineering is not something I am interested in.

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