Jenn - Optometry

Science Ambassador
Jenn fun

Program: Optometry

Year: 1

Stream of Study: Regular

Pronouns: She/Her

Career Goal: Optometry and Sports Vision

How I get involved: This is my first year as a Science ambassador and I'm excited to be able to share my experiences! During my undergrad at Waterloo, I have been a TA for NE 224, CHEM 220L and CHEM 237L. I was also an executive member of the Biochemistry Student Association and the Women in Healthcare Club. Outside the classroom, I am a fourth year on the varsity Women's Volleyball team. I love competing on the weekends with my teammates and representing the Warriors!

Why I love my program

As a first year student in optometry, I love that my classmates and professors are constantly challenging my abilities as a student and a future clinician. All the optometry students are extremely supportive and excellent role models, and I am lucky to be working with such talented peers from all over Canada. UW's School of Vision Science and Optometry is also an amazing facility that gives our students the chance to shadow optometrists and work in the clinic during our upper years which I am super excited for!

Why University of Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo was a great choice for me, as I was looking to pursue my academic goals while having the opportunity to compete at the varsity level for volleyball. I found that UW was the perfect balance of both, and I have been able to follow my dream career path while playing the sport I love.

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