Khushi - Physics and Astronomy

Science Ambassador
Khushi fun

Program: Honours Physics and Astronomy

Year: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: She/Her

Career goal: Research in Astrophysics Fields

How I get involved:I am involved with FemPhys, PHYS10 & Library Ambassadors.


Why I love my program

In the sixth grade, I had the chance to go on a field trip to the Ontario Science Center. I had no idea how this field trip would affect my life. The field trip was a simulation of a space shuttle and mission control during an artificial space flight. During these simulations, both in the space shuttle and mission control, I became instantaneously drawn in all things space-related. I knew that space would be a large part of whatever my career would be in the future. Since then, I knew I wanted to be studying Physics and Astronomy :)

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose UW because of it’s amazing courses and coop program. UW is a university that offers so much to its students, such as diverse courses, clubs, resources, and activities.

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