Lauren - Biology

Science Ambassador
Lauren fun

Program: Biology

Year: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: She/Her

Career goal: Research

How I get involved: Other than being an Science Ambassador, I am a Residence Life Don for one of the Residences on Campus. Also, I do both bouldering and top rope climbing at the PAC Rock wall.

Why I love my program

I recently switched into the Honours Biology Co-op program from Biomedical Sciences after my second year at the University of Waterloo. I love my program because not only do I get to explorer my interests and get valuable work experiences through Co-op, but the program is also very flexible so I can choose courses within Biology that I have a genuine interest in.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose the University of Waterloo for multiple reasons. UW has an outstanding academic reputation, it is close to my home, and I loved the campus when I toured.

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